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Aria Package: 5 for $15

Preparing an opera aria for audition or for performance specifically with a future collaboration with a conductor in mind requires attention to some musical details you may have not thought about (or that are not represented in your piano reduction of the aria).

Knowing about these musical moments as you prepare the aria will increase your confidence and may give you a competitive edge in an audition.  Maestro Basney has prepared Trusted Alliance Aria Packages (“5 for $15) which focus on 5 major musical moments that she has experienced or identified in a specific aria during which the interaction between singer and conductor is paramount.

The Aria Package includes a list of these 5 musical moments, a short description of why each moment can be a challenge and strategies for preparing the music with a successful collaboration with a conductor in mind.

Also included in the Aria Package is an annotated photocopy of a piano reduction of the aria, an annotated photocopy of the orchestra score of the aria, and notes on how to read the orchestra score with your specific goals in mind.

Maestro Basney can custom prepare Aria Packages for all voice types.

Process time for currently prepared packages are within 48 hours. Custom requests will be processed in two weeks or less.

All aria packages are made personally by Nyela Basney on a first come, first served basis.

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